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Copyright & Terms of Use

UMASS BOSTON’s' expectation of copyright and other compliance is no different for iTunes U than for any other of our primary or secondary information servers. UMASS BOSTON respects the intellectual property rights of others and prohibits uploading to iTunes U any content that violates another party's intellectual property rights or
UMASS BOSTON's Computing and Communications Acceptable Use Policy.

If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated or that any content on UMASS BOSTON on iTunes U violates UMASS BOSTON's Computing and Communications Acceptable Use Policy,
please notify UMASS BOSTON's

Office of the General Counsel
University of Massachusetts
225 Franklin Street, 12th floor
Boston, MA 02110
or by email to

Content created by a faculty member, academic or administrative department is expected to adhere to the AAUP Code of Professional Ethics and the University's Standards of Professional Ethics for Faculty.
Content posted to the Private Content section of iTunes U is expected to conform to all relevant laws and guidelines,including, without limitation, United States Copyright Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the
Teach Act.

For general guidelines on intellectual property, the following are useful starting points for content creators and departmental iTunes U administrators:

Apple Education Copyright Overview

If you can answer "Yes" to the following questions, your materials should be suitable for iTunes U:

  • The material is currently hosted by you or your department on an UMASS BOSTON public web site.

  • All content, including any music, graphics or other media, is original work created by UMASS BOSTON faculty, staff or students who have given written permission for such use.

  • If the intellectual property of others is included, you have the appropriate written licenses or written permission from all copyright owners, including guest speakers on file.

The material is not offensive, libelous or otherwise in violation of
IT and Communications Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have questions about copyright, please contact Office of the General Counsel before uploading to iTunes U. By posting content, you certify that you have complied with all University policies and accept responsibility for such content.